Bible Commentaries

Joshua 12

Verses 1-24

This chapter contains no new matter. It is rather a detailed summary of the extent of the conquest. First the victories under Moses (verses Joshua 12:1-6) and then those under Joshua (verses Joshua 12:7-24). Thus ends the first section of this Book.

The chosen people are now seen in actual possession of the land. The destructive part of the divine work was accomplished. The constructive purposes of God might now go forward.

All grim and soiled and brown with tan, I saw a Strong One, in His wrath, Smiting the godless shrines of man Along His path.

I looked; aside the dust-cloud rolled- The Waster seemed the Builder too; Up springing from the ruined Old

I saw the New.

That was but the ruin of the bad-

The wasting of the wrong and ill;

What e'er of good the old time had

Was living still.

God works in all things; all obey His first propulsion from the night; Wake thou and watch!-the world is gray With morning light!