Bible Commentaries

Proverbs 28

Verses 1-28

Verse Proverbs 28:2. "The transgression of a land" must be understood as the opposite of the "state shall be prolonged." Then the proverb means that a multiplicity of princes is an evil, but men of understanding are a benefit.

Verse Proverbs 28:13. Like Psalms 32:1-11, a remarkable revelation of how far these men saw into the very heart of truth concerning the attitude of God toward the sinner.

Verse Proverbs 28:14. The blessedness of caution. The peril of stubbornness.

Verse Proverbs 28:20. The man who makes fidelity the master principle will be rewarded. He who makes accumulation of wealth the master passion will be punished.

Verse 27. The latter part of this proverb describes an attitude which is very common, though popularly supposed not to be wrong. To hide the eyes means to refuse to see poverty. It is the sin of those who say they are too sensitive to visit the slums.