Bible Commentaries

Proverbs 4

Verses 1-27

In this chapter there are three addresses. The first is of the nature of personal testimony (verses Proverbs 4:1-9). The next two are exhortations to fidelity (verses Proverbs 4:10-27). The father urges his own experience. In verses Proverbs 4:3-9 he repeats what his father had said to him, and he declares (verses Proverbs 4:1-2) that it was good. This personal experience lends urgency to his exhortations to his son. Then, conscious of the temptations which ever beset the path of the young, the father urges the son to be obedient. Temptation must be avoided completely. Finally, the father contrasts the path of the righteous with that of the wicked. The former is like the dawn, which increases in brightness to high noon. The latter is like consistent darkness and constant stumbling.

Again, in a second address, fidelity is urged in terms which indicate the necessity for complete devotion. There must be attention, followed by intention. Wisdom in the heart, persistent looking straight ahead, and untiring caution are necessary to fidelity.