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The People's Bible by Joseph Parker


Book Overview - Malachi

by Joseph Parker



[Note.—"Malachi ("my messenger") is the last of the Old Testament prophets, as Nehemiah is the last of the historians; and the time of his ministry nearly coincides with Nehemiah"s administration. The second temple was now built, and the service of the altar, with its offerings and sacrifices, was established; for it is a profane and insincere spirit in that service, especially among the priests, which he labours to correct. He complains also that divorces and intermarriages with idolaters have greatly multiplied—the very evils which Nehemiah so earnestly condemns. ( Malachi 2:11. Comp. Nehemiah 13:23-27; Malachi 2:8, Malachi 3:8, Malachi 3:10; Nehemiah 13:10-11, Nehemiah 13:29). He lived between the years436,397 b.c."—Angus"s Bible Handbook.]