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Book Overview - Philemon

by Matthew Poole


This Epistle is different from the other Epistles, because it is written upon a particular subject, of more special concernment: that it was written by Paul it is not doubted, it hath what he calleth his token in every Epistle, 2 Thessalonians 3:17. Who this Philemon was is not so easily determined. Some have judged him a Phrygian, and of Colosse: see Colossians 4:9 . He appeareth to have been a minister by Paul's calling him his fellow labourer, Philemon 1:1, his brother, Philemon 1:7, his partner, Philemon 1:17. It is conjectured that he was one hi the conversion of whom God made use of Paul as an instrument, from Philemon 1:19, where Paul tells him, that he would not say that he owed unto him his own self. He seems to have been a man of some estate, for he kept a servant, and

refreshed the bowels of the saints, Philemon 1:7. He had a company of Christians in his house, Philemon 1:2. The time when Paul wrote this Epistle is not certain; it was when he was