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Daily Devotionals

Bowen's Daily Meditations

Devotional: August 1st

"Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.’’ -- Isaiah 14:22.

Thus early and thus distinctly do we find the gospel emancipated, and the Spirit of God breaking away from his prison house, from Judea, to utter a premonitory invitation in the ears of distant nations, occupied with their idols. We should never allow ourselves to suppose that when God was bestowing so much labor of love upon the Jewish nation, that he was then unmindful of the rest of mankind. God took nothing away from the other nations of the earth, when he made the Jewish people the object of peculiar care. Not one prophet was taken away from the other families of the earth; not one truth that had been bestowed upon mankind at large was suppressed; and not one promise that made known God as the hearer of all who call upon him in truth, was taken back.

The Jewish economy was an economy of special grace, with reference to a glorious end, embracing the destinies of all nations. "When God chose Abraham, he over and over declared that his thoughts were on something more than the seed of Abraham. " In you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." And from first to last, all that God did to the Jewish nation had reference to the hour when the Lord Jesus should command his Gospel to be preached among all nations, and when the completed volume of the grace of God, the Old Testament and the New Testament should be tendered, with all their revelations and all their promises, to every creature. The very Jewish feasts had a world-wide significance. The passover told of the Lamb that should take away the sin of the world; the feast of weeks told of the pentecostal publication of the gospel in all tongues; the feast of tabernacles tells of the mighty ingathering that is to be.


Copyright Statement
'Daily Meditations' is a daily devotional written by a Baptist Missionary to India, Reverend George Bowen over 100 years ago. The book was published in 1865 by the Presbyterian Publication Committee and is in the public domain.