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Saturday, September 23rd, 2023
the Week of Proper 19 / Ordinary 24
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Day by Day Devotional - Year 3 of 5
Devotional: September 23rd

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Jeremiah 20:1-18

Telling the world the truth about their condition immediately attracts their hatred. The prophet has this painful experience. The plots we saw hatched against him in Jeremiah 11:19; Jeremiah 18:18 now come to fruition. Jeremiah is beaten and tortured by Pashur. Who was this man? He was one of the foremost of the priests (v. 1), and in addition one of those lying prophets (v. 6; Jeremiah 14:14) who, unlike Jeremiah, fully enjoyed the people’s favour. This man must, in his turn, hear a truthful prophecy pronounced against himself.

Jeremiah reminds us of the exhortation in James 5:10. He is a type of the Lord Jesus. Alone he proclaimed the truth, hated and smitten because of it (and that by one of the priests). An object of "derision" (v. 8) and shame, the word of his God is in him "as a burning fire" (v. 9). He is constrained by the love he bears to the LORD and His people. In spite of that Jeremiah is far from being like the perfect Example! He expresses bitterness and, like Job (Job 3:1), he curses the day he was born. Grace towards his enemies was not to be seen in him.

Reader, may we ask one question? Have you really been apprehended by the Lord? Has He been the stronger and prevailed? (v. 7; cf. Philippians 3:12).

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