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Friday, March 27

Death of Haymo, a Saxon monk and scholar, and founder of the library of Halberstadt.
Swiss Protestants in Strassbourg and Constance signed the First Helvetic Confession. It became the first major document setting forth the common faith of the Swiss Protestant churches.
King Christian V of Denmark commissions pastor and poet Thomas Kingo to prepare a new hymnal for use in Danish churches.
Death of George Keith, an Anglican rector. As a young man, Keith had joined the Quakers but later withdrew from them, believing their doctrine had drifted from truth, and became instead an Anglican priest. He had served as a missionary to American Quakers before becoming a rector in Sussex, England.
Death in Britain of John Bright, an English Quaker parliamentarian, famous for his speeches and advocacy of reforms.
Bolsheviks shoot Basil Feofanovich Infantyev, a priest of the Bratskaya Church, for "anti-Soviet activity" because he had opposed communist renovations in the teaching and practice of the Russian Orthodox Church. They will harrass his widow after his execution.
Members of Baptist congregations in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks met at Anchorage to form the Alaska Southern Baptist Convention.
In Louisiana, Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel ordered all Roman Catholic schools in the New Orleans diocese to end segregation.
Missionary Lynda Bethea is beaten to death by robbers in Kenya when she and her husband stop to help a "wounded" African lying in the road.
Security officers in Shaanxi Province, China, descend on a house church and beat the leaders. They then force the lay Christians to beat the leaders, too. They beat and expose some of the church's women, hang some Christians from beams and beat them again, before forcing Lai Manping and several other badly-beaten Christians to crawl eighteen miles to a police station. Fearing than Lai will die in custody, they order him to leave. He is found dead on a roadside, having tried to crawl home.

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