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Tuesday, May 8

The people of York go out to meet Archbishop William, who has just returned from Rome. As the throng follows him across the River Ouse on an old wooden bridge it collapses. Many people are pitched into the water, including women and small children. William makes the sign of the cross and prays. Not one life is lost.
Thirty-year old Julian of Norwich falls ill. Near death a few days later she will receive sixteen visions which she will later publish as Showings (also known as The Revelations of Divine Love).
Tyndale's Parable of Wicked Mammon is printed. A fugitive on the European continent, he smuggled pamphlets into England through merchant friends.
Death of John Hough, bishop of Worcester, known for great generosity and also for being the president of Magdalen College, Oxford, whom James II ejected in his effort to restore Roman Catholic influence in England.
Moravian missionary David Zeisberger establishes a mission at Oxford, Canada.
Sixty representatives of American churches and regional Bible societies who have gathered in the Garden Street Reformed Church, New York City, resolve to form the American Bible Society. Three days later they will adopt its constitution.
At a three-day convention in Augusta, GA, the Southern Baptist Convention was formed by 300 representatives from Baptist churches in Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina.
Bishop Adjai Crowther of Nigeria draws up the Niger Delta pastorate scheme in which the Delta District is to be made a native pastorate and financed through native agency. It will be inaugurated the next January.
Edward Thomas Demby is ordained a priest while in Texas and will serve churches in Tennessee, Missouri, and Florida. He will also become the second African-American bishop (a suffragen, or assistant bishop) of the Episcopal Church in the United States.
The executive committee of the World Communion of Reformed Churches meets for a week in Ghana, homeland of its global leader, theologian and pastor Setri Nyomi.

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