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Tuesday, June 4

Quirinus, bishop of Siscia, after imprisonment, tortures, and mockery is drowned in a river (in the region that will become Poland) where he preaches until he sinks.
Lothaire II of Saxony receives the imperial crown from Pope Innocent II whom he has just established on the papal throne by a show of armed force.
Fundamental Orders of New Haven are adopted. These had been proposed by Rev John Davenport and are an extraordinary example of the religiously-inspired formation of a government.
John Carmichael of Brandywine, Pennsylvania, preaches a sermon saying war in self-defense is lawful. Sermons of this character helped form American opinion at the time of its Revolutionary War.
Birth of Elvina M. Hall, American Methodist poet who authored the hymn, 'Jesus Paid It All' (a.k.a. 'I Hear the Savior Say').
Birth of Frank N. Buchman, American exponent of the social gospel. He founded the First Century Christian Movement (1921), the Oxford Group (1929) and the Moral Re-Armament Movement (1938).
Death of "Righteous Vera," a girl who had begun early to seek the Lord and practice asceticism. Her twin sister Lyubov died four days later. The twelve-year-olds were visiting the Russian monastery at Optina.
Birth of Nelson Glueck, American Jewish archaeologist. Director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem between 1932 and 1947, he explored and dated over 1,000 ancient sites in Palestine and the Near East.
Carl McIntire is ordained and installed at the Chelsea Presbyterian Church in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He will become well-known as a radio broadcaster delivering fundamentalist and anti-Communist views.
The Supreme Court of the United States rules against an Alabama law requiring a moment of silence (i.e.: prayer) in public schools.

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