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Wednesday, June 22

John Fisher is beheaded by command of King Henry VIII of England because he has openly rebuked Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and refused to accept Henry as head of the Church of England.
In England, Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book was issued. During her 45-year reign, Elizabeth I rejected the Catholic faith, adopting instead the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Anglican Church.
Under pressure by the Roman Catholic Church, Galileo signs an abjuration of certain of his scientific views.
Death of Matthew Henry, famous as a Bible commentator.
Jonathan Edwards is dismissed from his pulpit in Northampton, Massachusetts, because he has rejected the "halfway covenant" which allows individuals who have made no confession of salvation to baptize their children. His calls for holiness do not sit well with his congregation either. One hundred and fifty years later, Northampton Church will erect a monument to Edwards.
Baron Nikolai Pavlovich Zass is ordained in the Orthodox Church as a deacon and will eventually become Bishop Nestor of San Francisco and Alaska.
The society known today as the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) was first organized. Its purpose is to provide information about the archaeology, the history and the people of the Holy Land.
Scholars began translation work on the English Revised Version of the Bible. Released in 1881, the ERV became the textual basis for the American Standard Version (ASV), first published in the United States in 1901.
Baptism of Lim Ang in Formosa (Taiwan). He had been introduced to Christ at a mission hospital where he came to have his eyes treated. After losing his sight, he will learn to read Braille and will teach in the Presbyterian mission's blind school. Eventually his sight will return and he will become a beloved preacher until his death.
The Diocese of Munster begins a two week celebration for the eleventh centenary of St. Ludiger.

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