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Friday, September 8

The parish of St. Augustine, Florida, was founded by Father Don Martin Francisco Lopez de Mendozo Grajales, chaplain to the conquering Spanish forces. It became the first and oldest Roman Catholic parish established in America.
Massachusetts Puritans found Harvard College, America's first institution of higher education, just six years after arriving from England. Named for donor John Harvard, the college is intended to train ministers.
Lutheran missionary Johann Philipp Fabricius arrives in India where he will work among the Tamil people, revising the Tamil Bible and publishing a hymnbook.
Pope Pius X announces that modernism is heresy.
Pius XI issued the encyclical "Rerum Orientalium," promoting study of the history, doctrine and liturgy of Eastern Orthodoxy. He recommended that priests apply themselves to special studies at the Oriental Institute in Rome, founded in 1917 by Benedict XV.
The Russian Orthodox Church convenes a council that elects Sergius as Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus'. Because of Communist suppression, the church had been without a patriarch for many years. Needing church support because of the war with Hitler, Stalin had authorized the council, which will also reopen seminaries.
C. S. Lewis appears on the cover of Time magazine.
Shanghai's Bishop Ignatius Kung, forty priests, and three hundred lay leaders in the Chinese church are arrested over the course of two days.
Release from Iranian prison of Youcef Nadarkhani, originally accused of apostasy for his own conversion from Islam to Christianity; following international outcry, he is charged instead with evangelizing Muslims.

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