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Thursday, September 12

The Dominicans arrive in Paris for the first time and go straight to the center of the city to begin their mission work.
Dr. Pedro Moya de Contreras arrives in Mexico where he will implement the Inquisition.
Death of Bassian of Tiksnensk, an ascetic hermit of the Russian Orthodox Church who sought to mortify his flesh by wearing heavy chains, refusing all visitors except his spiritual guide, and half-starving himself. He will come to be regarded as a saint.
Oliver Cromwell has the doors of the House of Parliament locked and surrounded by soldiers, and directs its members to meet him in the Painted Chamber where he speaks to them in serious tones about the perils with which their policy menaces the State, and requires them to sign an engagement "to be true and faithful to the Lord Protector and the Commonwealth." Those who refuse (nearly one hundred, some for religious reasons) are excluded from the House.
Death of Samuel Willard, a colonial clergyman in Massachusetts, who strenuously opposed the Salem witch trials.
By resolution, the U.S. Congress officially endorses Robert Aitken's publication of an English-language Bible, the first in America.
Christians in Bicester, England, commence a daily prayer meeting that will result in revival.
When traditional Methodist missionaries will not allow Nellie Laidlaw (a.k.a. Sister Elena) to speak “in the Spirit”, Chileans side with her and form their own church, which soon becomes the first large Pentecostal movement in South America. Within seventy years, it will have one million converts. This date will be remembered as Reformation Day in Chile.
The House of Bishops of the U.S. Protestant Episcopal Church voted 36-27 to delete the word "obey" from the vows of their denomination's official marriage service.
Dedication of the Peace Lutheran Church in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

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