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Friday, October 9

Roger Williams is sentenced to banishment by Massachusetts for his religious views. In exile, he will found Rhode Island on principles of freedom of conscience.
Death of David Brainerd at age twenty-nine of tuberculosis. He had been a missionary to Native Americans in New England. His journal, published by Jonathan Edwards, will inspire many readers to become missionaries.
Spanish missionaries dedicated the first mission chapel on the northern California coast at Yerba Buena. (In 1847, the city which grew up around the mission changed its name to San Francisco.)
John Henry Newman, formerly an Anglican and a leader of the Oxford Movement, is received into the Roman Catholic church.
Conversion of Robert Anderson, who will later head Scotland Yard.
Yin Renxian and his wife Faith Suyun Ding, who have been reaching out with the gospel to prison inmates and street people, baptize more than twenty prisoners.
Death of Wilfred T. Grenfell, vibrant missionary to Newfoundland and Labrador.
Death of Vida Scudder, a socialist and peace activist in the Episcopal Church, founder of the Episcopal Church Socialist League, cofounder of Denison House in Boston (to provide social services and education to the urban poor), and an advocate of intercessory prayer.
A Roman Catholic mob destroys an evangelical church in Acapulco, Mexico.
The Egyptian army ruthlessly runs over or shoots Christians who are peacefully protesting the failure of the Muslim government to bring to justice Muslims who have burned Christian churches and attacked Christians. Twenty-seven protesters die. Two days later Muslims will also assault the Christian funeral processions.

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