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Tuesday, December 4

St. Anselm is consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. He had fashioned the ontological argument for God's existence and is often credited with being the father of scholasticism.
Drops of molten silver injure the Shroud of Turin during a fire.
French Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette erected a mission on the shores of Lake Michigan, in present-day Illinois. His log cabin became the first building of a settlement that afterward grew to become the city of Chicago.
Birth of Mary Reed, American Methodist missionary. She died in 1943, having spent the last 52 years of her life ministering to the lepers of India.
Death from fever of Peter Cameron Scott in Kenya. The founder of the African Inland Mission he is not yet thirty.
All ecclesiastical property in Russia is confiscated.
Death of Roland Victor Bingham, who persistently attempted to evangelize the Sudan between 1893 and 1902, and co-founded the Sudan Interior Mission.
Medical missionary Dr. Paul Carlson appears on the cover of Time magazine. He had become a symbol for events in the Congo when he was seized by Simba rebels who executed him.
Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth wrote in a letter: 'The good Lord, in spite of reports to the contrary, is not dead.'
President Idi Amin ousts fifty missionaries from Uganda, charging that they have connections with Israel and South Africa.

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