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Tuesday, December 23

Magnentius Hrabanus Maurus, who will become one of the most brilliant scholars of his era, is ordained a priest.
Death of Thorlac Thorhallssohn, founder of Iceland's first monastery.
Two hundred citizens of Basel assemble and present a petition, drawn up by the reformer Oecolampadius, for the suppression of the mass.
Heinrich Bullinger accepts the pulpit of Zurich, vacated by the death of Zwingli in battle.
In an Auto da f
Birth of Jean Francois Champollion, French Egyptologist. In 1822 he successfully decoded the hieroglyphics of the Rosetta Stone (uncovered in 1799), and is recognized today as the founder of modern Egyptology.
Birth of Handley C.G. Moule, Anglican theologian. He succeeded B.F. Westcott in 1901 as Bishop of Durham. A profound scholar, he could nevertheless speak and write for ordinary people, and published commentaries on nearly all of Paul's letters in the New Testament.
Birth of Amos R. Wells, American Christian educator. He was first editorial secretary of the newly organized Christian Endeavor Society (forerunner of modern church "youth fellowships") from 1891 until his death in 1933.
Peru passes a law empowering Alcades (mayors) of provincial councils to solemnize marriages, thus enabling non-Catholics to wed.
Edith Warner's remains are laid to rest. She had been a missionary for thirty-three years in Niger and explored areas never before seen by a white person.

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