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Thursday, January 13

The world's first hymnbook in a language other than Latin is issued by the Bohemian followers of Jan Hus in Prague. It contains 89 hymns.
Pius IX mounts a pulpit and preaches a sermon, allegedly the first pope to do so in three hundred years.
Death at Mortlake, Surrey, England, of Anglican clergyman and missionary statesman Henry Venn.
Charles Spurgeon is censured by the Baptist Union because of his stand in the Down-Grade Controversy and his refusal to provide names and supporting evidence against other Baptist ministers.
The first three Lutheran deaconesses in America are consecrated at the Philadelphia motherhouse.
Daniel Opperman claims baptism in the Holy Spirit in Belton, Texas. Already a Pentecostal leader, he will become more prominent, establish schools, and edit The Blessed Truth.
Death in Nigeria of missionary Mary Slessor, known as the "White Queen to the Cannibals."
Soviets arrest Orthodox priest Artemius Grigoryevich Zuyev in Taldy-Kurgan province and sentence him to death for anti-Soviet and counter-revolutionary propaganda and agitation.
Baptist clergyman B.B. McKinney, 50, wrote the words and tune to the gospel song, "Wherever He Leads, I'll Go," a few days before the opening of a Sunday School convention in Alabama.
Security forces in Sri Lanka shoot Nallathamby Gnanaseelan in the stomach as he motorcycles to a meeting for prayer and fasting. They complete his murder by shooting him again where he lies in the road. A pastor of the Tamil Mission Church in Jaffna, he was not politically active. The police will concoct various cover stories in an effort to frame him and legitimize their act of persecution.

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